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Best of InkTober Collection 1

As many of you may know, InkTober is an event where artists worldwide commit to making at least one piece of art every day for the month of October. I try to do it every year to stretch my skills and am often happy with the result. I also try to do subjects or styles that I might not otherwise try.

Rohvannyn shaw raven 800


Rohvannyn shaw dark fairy 1200

Dark Fairy

Rohvannyn shaw sleeping lioness postpro 1000

Sleeping Lioness

Rohvannyn shaw dscn0766

Angry Tree

Rohvannyn shaw woman in the dark 1000

Watcher at the Window

Rohvannyn shaw eddie samurai 1200

Dead Eddie

Rohvannyn shaw moon dragon 1000

Moon Dragon

Rohvannyn shaw dscn0769

Undead Knight